Sept Food List

I am a freelance food writer and editor as well as being mum to two small boys aged 3 and 7 months respectively.

I really enjoyed weaning my first baby. It was springtime, he loved food and I discovered lots of tips and tricks along the way. I vowed to write some of them up on my website this second time around, which is different in many ways, not least it’s March i.e. ‘the hunger gap’ and we are now in the middle of a pandemic so I’m not sure what food I can/can’t source.

My second also has a habit of a) shrieking or b) blowing raspberries and is far more circumspect about food. I like using a combination of purees and finger foods, but he is generally happier with finger foods. This is a little diary about how we get on.

In terms of work, most recently I wrote two days per week for Waitrose Weekend. Until 2017 I was the Features Editor on Waitrose Food magazine. Before joining WF in 2013, I worked at Seven for three years as a digital editor for Sainsbury’s, launched an online food magazine for the restaurant group D&D London and worked for The Grocer. I trained in magazine journalism at City University

I can be contacted for freelance commissions at annamariejulyanATgmail.com.


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